Corporate Branding & Identity

A powerful brand is more than a slogan, an image, or an ad, it is where hearts and minds are won or lost. Ecra will help you leverage your brand as a business asset — intangible, but undeniably important to the long-term success of any communication effort.

Specific Services

Marketing Intel / Analysis

Too often, we face business problems in a fog. We must balance acting quickly with the need for reliable information. Ecra will help you fill in the blanks, arming you with the insights you need to act boldly.

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Product Launch

A product launch is more than 'marketing'. Engineering feasibility, market and profitability matrices, integration planning, competitive response, IP vetting — and that's just the start. Ecra will help you prepare, create, execute, and track success.

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Web & Systems Architecture

The essence of business success rests with repeatable processes. The essence of message success is a strong brand. The interface of these two — often — is web technology.

Specific Services

Branding Competitive Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities

Failure by Design: Crisis Management Pecha Kucha Presentation

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